2013 Demo

by Evolution Protocol

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released October 8, 2013

Jeff Fleck: Lead Vocals
Andrew Huefner: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals
Dave Scibilia: Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Will Jago: Bass, Backing Vocals
Dan Sciolino: Live Drums
Eric Huefner: Recorded Drums

Recorded between 2009-2013 at Andrew's Parents Basement and Jeff's Basement Studios ;)

Engineered by Jeff Fleck and Andrew Huefner
Mix by Andrew Huefner
Great insight provided by Dave Scibilia, Will Jago and Eric Huefner
Great new guy provided by Dan Sciolino

Great support provided by Amanda, Catherine and Jade. Thank you so much!

℗ & © 2013 Evolution Protocol



all rights reserved


Evolution Protocol Buffalo, New York

Western NY based hard rock / heavy metal band.

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Track Name: Dystopia
by Evolution Protocol

It filled my eyes in a restful dream, I wake this hour
It filled my mind with a restless scheme, I'm feeling empowered
I see the rise of another way
I see the sky from a different place
A world of endless prize
Perfection now will be ours

Come to my side, I will take you there
Here comes the time we transcend despair
Feed on the lies that you will be taught
And rebuild your lives in utopia

Once again my visions are bleeding
Stains decay in time exposing what I've been missing

Follow me to the end of time we will become your pride
I need to know that you're in line we will be true inside
I'm here to be your guiding mind we listen to your words and find…
We are perfection of design

Bathe onto me you're every need
Feed not onto your every disease
Forget now what I take from thee
for this is my place
My rules my laws
It is everything you've taken and need from me
You're nothing when compared to me
Now this is my place
My rules My laws
And the answer lies where the truth is told
And it's one place nobody will ever go
It is one lone place that I will hold
For this is my world
And it's your place to obey
Track Name: Lurking Fear
Lurking Fear
by Evolution Protocol

Fear, lurking leads us to this place
Flash of lightning, shadow halts my pace
Time erodes the forgotten home abandoned
Arthur at the window as the storm moves past
How curious friend, watching to no end
Standing, gazing, still for far too long

I pull him round
His face was gone
Lord, help me! gone!

Digging a grave, i've gone too deep
The ground falling from beneath my feet
Buried alive I scramble to survive
Cabin above hides from the horrors i flee

I'll never forget
Below stares the eyes of red glass

If heaven is merciful it will some day efface from consciousness the sight that I saw
The thing came abruptly and unannounced
A daemon, rat-like, scurrying from pits remote and unimaginable
A loathsome night spawned flood of organic corruption
More devastatingly hideous than the blackest conjurations of mortal madness and morbidity.
it rolled up and out of that yawning hole, spreading like a septic contagion
streaming out to scatter through the accursed midnight forests
and strew fear, madness, and death

Had my revenge
And felled the beast down at my feet
Degenerate man
Devolved from the family we sought out
Track Name: The Future Certain
The Future Certain
by Evolution Protocol

Let go this pain you bear
You can leave it all behind you

The midnight air blowing gently through your hair
The open road stretches on for miles
The darkness soon will shrink the world around you
Your consciousness dimming black forever

The calm surrounding
Night fades to grey
Would you give away all the hope that sustains you?
Would you look to blame the unfamiliar face?
Would you hide your face because it shows your pain?

A brittle shell this badly broken cannot rebound
This is the night you'd spend with family
And by the fire, but not tonight
How will they hear?
Will I lie cold when they do?
Will I suffer long or sleep comfortably?

The calm surrounding
Night fades to grey
Would you give away all the hope that sustains you
(For a quick release)
Would you look to blame the unfamiliar face
(To justify it all)
Would you hide your face because it shows your pain

There comes a day when you realize
This could be your way
To feel the hopelessness and pain
Growing within you
As life slowly slips away
the fear is only building
And take your memories back to a time
You'll never see again

Would you hide your face because it shows your pain
(Strength for those you love)
Would you look to blame the unfamiliar face
(To justify it all)
Would you give away all the hope that sustains you
(For a quick release)
Would you lie to yourself about the future certain?
Track Name: Specter of Desire
Specter of Desire
by Evolution Protocol

Back, within a mind of madness through years of bleak denial
Looking upon this past while knowing what's been found
Living within your visions. So blurred and intertwined
They tease your sinking heart and test your fragile mind
Escaping loss of reason while fearing lack of time
The struggle wages on to tame your thoughts demise
With fortitude receding one vision's set aside
The specter of desire in the minds eye

She walks
She walks
She walks Taking my breath away Walking beyond my gaze
Only to my dismay I cannot find you
She walks Staying beyond reach Yet careful not to flee
What is this witchery I need to find you now

Wandering the world you reign
Wondering why I can't explain
How I see you walk on by
But your image won't remain
Venture on I can't contain
While lunacy has stripped my faith
Am I losing trust of mind
And am I going to die in vain

She drifts throughout my thinking I see her just the same
If only for some moment I'd say I knew her name
From thirty years of madness and five nights of doubt
She walks into the sights of the minds eye